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29 Problems Solved.

LinguaFreq is crowdsource-designed to solve all your language learning problems.

❌ I don’t know where to begin learning my new language.

❌ I don’t know which materials and topics to start with.

❌ I'm not sure how fluent I should be, or what fluency even means.

❌ I lack clear steps to get my to my desired fluency.

❌ I'm don't know what exact date I'll be considered "fluent."

❌ I'm overwhelmed by different materials, methods, topics, programs, and apps.

❌ I frequently switch between different resources, rather than just sticking with one to completion.

❌ I'm always searching for the “silver bullet” that’ll “crack the code” for my language learning.

❌ I’ve imagined where’d I’d be if I’d just stuck with one single resource to completion, but I didn’t, and am now scattered.

❌ I don’t know where I am in my foreign language.

❌ I don’t know how much I really know.

❌ I don’t know how much is left.

❌ I don’t know what I've missed.

❌ I don’t know what I should learn next.

❌ I don’t know when I can officially say “I’m fluent.”

❌  I don’t know how fluent I really am.

❌ I lack a sense of daily progress.

❌ I feel like language learning never ends.

❌ I feel like the more I learn, the more I don’t know.

❌ I'm missing major, meaningful milestones.

❌ My resources are scattered across different apps, platforms, playlists, and folders.

❌ I wish I had a single resource to practice listening, speaking, reading, writing, and pronunciation.

I can't find listening material that's:

❌  At my level

❌  Well organized

❌  Laser focused

❌  Quickly & easily played on my device

❌  Created with Spaced Repetition

❌  Recorded with clear audio

❌  Recorded with standard pronunciation

❌  Spoken in a natural rhythm

❌  Available at different speeds

❌  Quickly and easily customized

❌  Ready to play right now

❌  I'm embarrassed to practice in front of people.

❌  I'm afraid to say the wrong thing.

❌  I don’t know how to practice speaking.

❌  My speaking practice is just limited to when I have a conversation partner.

❌  I have trouble scheduling time with patient conversation partners.

❌  My conversation partner(s) are too expensive.

❌  My speaking practice is reactionary (on the spot and in-the-moment) rather than deliberate and well-planned.

❌  I don’t know how good or bad my pronunciation is.

❌  I don’t have a large resource of “standard” pronunciation.

❌  My pronunciation is “good enough” that people don’t correct me, but I wish they would.

❌  I don’t have a patient language partner to correct my pronunciation mistakes.

❌  I can’t pass as a native speaker over the phone.

❌  I'm worried I’ll lose what I’ve already learned.

❌  I don’t have a way to review everything I’ve learned so far.

❌  I don’t have a fast and easy way to review specific areas I want to focus on.

❌  I don’t know what I should learn next.

❌  I don’t know how much I should learn next.

❌  I don’t have a way to preview what I should learn next.

❌  I don't have a unified plan.

❌  I have trouble gathering materials, staying organized, and sticking with a plan to completion.

❌  I have trouble finding material that practices listening, speaking, reading, writing, and pronunciation together.

❌  My current materials aren't designed to supplement or compliment each other.

❌  My apps won’t stop bothering me with reminders.

❌ My apps try guilting me into using them.

❌  My apps treat my serious language study like a “game for kids."

❌  My apps try "hooking" me by earning coins, unlocking levels, etc.

❌  My apps aren't designed for “professionals.”

❌  I learn faster in some areas, for example speaking, but not in others, like listening.

❌  I've missed some basics and don’t know how to identify them.

❌  I don’t know what I don’t know.

❌  My apps have unfamiliar or illogical user interfaces.

❌ My apps require too much clicking and swiping.

❌  My apps have clunky designs and don't feel professional.

❌  My apps look and feel like a game for kids, rather than a slick tool for professionals.

❌  Example sentences introduce too many new words or grammar.

❌  Example sentences don’t clearly demonstrate the use of the vocabulary.

❌  Example sentences are awkward and not very useful.

❌  Example sentences are incomplete phrases.

❌  I can't find reading material at my level.

❌  I get discouraged when I have to look up too many words, and it breaks my study.

❌  I don't have a fast and easy way to practice writing.

❌  I don't what I should practice writing.

❌  My apps aren't built well, frequently crash, and seem to be made for profit-first, rather than quality-first.

❌ My apps don't incorporate user feedback into updates.

❌ My apps require me to be connected to the internet, rather than having "offline mode."

❌ My current resources are expensive and often not worth the price.

❌ My classes, material, and apps don't get to the point fast enough and waste lots of time.

❌ My material and apps don't let me customize content to match my specific needs.

❌ I can't rearrange one set of content to be used in different ways.

❌ My material and apps use stale content that doesn't follow current trends.

❌ My apps have pop-ups, advertisements, and other distractions.

❌ My apps force me to learn subjects I'm not interested in before letting me learn subjects that interest me.

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